The cable locking system would work well as an assembly for a variety of applications for hoisting and lifting that is unlike anything on the market. We are actively seeking companies who wish to license or purchase this patented system.

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Now available, Building a Small Cable Suspension Bridge with the Cable Locking System.
"It's a beautiful little bridge and I'd be very proud of it if it were mine." - Dr. Raymond Cook, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering: University of New Hampshire

Marvin Denmark, builder and craftsman with more than 45 years of experience, details the process he used to design and construct a small cable-suspension bridge. After giving a brief history of suspension bridges and engineering considerations, Denmark provides illustrations, diagrams, and full-color photos to explain the step-by-step process he used to complete the project.

Anyone who needs a footbridge that is relatively easy to build, without the use of heavy equipment or difficult-to- replace components, may benefit from the ideas in this book and by using the patented "cable locking system."

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